My Journey & Bio


What goes around-Comes around, is the best phrase I can think of when your talking about Matt Lewis. His love for singing and performing, started a a very early age, when Elvis was Tops on the Charts.  Singing the Kings songs were the key to winning many Talent competitions early on. As well as, gaining Staring Roles in a few High School Musicals and Off Broadway Productions. 

Following his dream after returning home from Viet Nam, Matt made his way to California, teaming up with an old Army buddy and became one of the most popular and in demand Duo's to hit the SoCal club scene.  Not content however, Matt put together a high energy show band and hit the road. Eventually becoming a name act in many showrooms across the country.  Including the Sahara Hotel chain, in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe.  Matt Lewis & Company made a name for himself and was given many accolades for his exceptional Voice and Performing Talents throughout the US, Europe and Canada. 

 Along the way, the lights went out for many Showrooms and Disco DJ's became the In thing,  Bookings were hard to come by, especially for those Bands trying to make a living. Giving up the limelight wasn't easy for Matt, but his love for singing and performing never waned.  "I just took a little time off", as Matt always says!

But the time has now arrived for Matt Lewis to once again be in the Spot Light, sharing his love for singing and performing for audiences everywhere.  His Dynamic Voice is stronger than ever and He can still dance, entertain, and bring an audience to their feet, wanting more.   "You're never too old for success in the music and entertainment business", according to Matt. 

His "Second Time Around-SweetRide Reunion Tour, is just getting started, bringing back all the songs and music that gave Matt Lewis his start and Star Status through out his career. So give his CD Album a listen and don't miss one of the most Dynamic, Charismatic Entertainers and Vocalists Performing Today!!

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